Handwoven Crochet Necklace with Rudraksha, Mother of Pearl Gem and Crystal Beads

Hand-woven crochet necklace with a graceful main pearlized shell pendant combined with many different crystal resin beads in various forms with main colors red, black and white.
Some little rudraksha beads has been added since we believe in the evocative power of this seed that is typically used in Hinduism for prayer.
  • main large pearlized shell pendant with vintage metal leaf
  • small rudraksha seeds
  • crystal resin beads in red black and white
  • clip closure
  • natural waxed cotton string
  • hand-woven necklace
  • original Hannah Sainte Julie design

Rudraksha gives the power of spirit since this natural seed is traditionally used by hindu prayers around the world and by hipster yoga lovers in their everyday life and work. We take inspiration from our natural environment and by the strength of our beliefs.


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Our creative master Chiara Magnani selected this beads inspired by the spiritual power that Rudraksha seed can give to your iridescent soul. This timeless effort is magnified when she combined a large gem made with mother of pearl as the main attraction of this hand made crochet necklace. Simple but various crystal resin beads in different shapes help making this long decoration for your neck a one of a kind.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 10 × 80 cm


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