Handmade Crochet Necklace Golden Mother of Pearl Chips

We like to combine gold with different colors but our favourites are black, blue, especially baby and royal blue, and red (scarlet). We added a nice vintage looking coin on top of this creation and the same vintage shape has been used to the clip closure.
  • golden mother of pearl chips
  • vintage looking coin
  • smaller orange resin beads
  • clip closure
  • natural waxed cotton string
  • hand-woven necklace
  • original Hannah Sainte Julie design

Mother of pearl chips as made with shells left on the beach by natural forces and are simply polished and colored by hand.


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Rudraksha is the Eye of Rudra, known also has Shiva, is considered in the Hindu cosmology to be the greatest manifestation of the Cosmic Force. It is told that the seeds emitted frequencies that balance human body chakras.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 10 × 80 cm


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